“With the SDG Planner ToornendPartner supports its clients in their ambitions in contributing to a sustainable world.”

Cultural institutions know better than anyone that short- and long-term social relevance, be it theatrical performance or the management and preservation of cultural heritage, cannot be separated from sustainability. Every institution and organization is challenged to make a meaningful contribution to the major challenges we face together. The stakes go far beyond the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment. Economic aspects and how we interact are inextricably linked too. What is at stake is a sustainable future as a whole.

We must take action to confront seemingly elusive themes such as climate change, inequality and economic instability. The issues are complex and seem insoluble. Nevertheless, it is possible to make a difference in everyday life, within the reach of an individual organization and of individuals in those organizations: internally as well as externally.

Cultural institutions may be a source of inspiration for their environment, both in the immediate vicinity and beyond. Many are already taking the lead in promoting sustainability. Sustainability-related themes are placed on the agenda and the public debate is fed on the basis of social involvement and service. However, an exhaustive vision of relevant actions to be undertaken and their real impact is lacking.

“What can we do?” and “What is feasible?” those are the questions that clients ask in all ToornendPartners’ cultural projects. Much is achievable, often much more than we think and even more has already been accomplished. As experts, also in the field of sustainability, we have been working closely with our clients for years to help them achieve their ambitions in the field of sustainability.

Because the themes are broad, the range of possibilities turn out to be wide too. In order to achieve clear and realistic ambitions, ToornendPartners has developed a working tool, a planner, which allows clients to outline their vision on sustainability and to convert it into concrete objectives and measurable actions. The emphasis is on identifying first and then seizing opportunities.

The sustainability planner is linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These global sustainable development goals, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, abbreviated SDGs, are goals that must be achieved by 2030. These goals are endorsed by the international organizations ICOM and OISTAT as guidelines for sustainable development in the cultural sector.

The 17 global goals cover all major themes, but of course not everyone can achieve everything at all levels and not all goals are realistic and achievable. But a lot can be done. ToornendPartners’ SDG Planner enables cultural organizations to detect opportunities and analyze how to use them wisely – not only at a strategic level, but also how to translate them into concrete and achievable actions at the operational level.